Thursday, 21 May 2009


Paradise Vendors Inc. is the label of Male Bounding, one of the bands featured in this very limited split 7", who have released two sold out split tapes by Temperatures /Paper Leg and Talbot Tagora/Hand Jobs and another sold out split 7" by Pens / Male Bounding, so I imagine this is going to follow the same destiny soon, even more with the current rising of Graffiti Island, probably the most interesting band in this split. They are half from Los Angeles and half from London, but placed here in the UK. They love to talk about monsters, freaks and cannibalism and musically they make a kind of Lo-Fi garage pop that would be well received in K Records. Long Neck Tribe, the tune they offer here, is their best song yet.
The Rapid Youth (formerly known as Hey Buddy & the Pals), Old Blood and Male Bounding songs are much less personal than the first band here, basically straight forward punk songs, not bad songs anyway; but the purchase of this record is worth only for the inclusion of Long Neck Tribe.

Released 27/04/09

Graffiti Island - Lone Neck Tribe.mp3

And Graffiti Island have another record out this month, their first proper single published in House Anxiety Records featuring the two songs highly anticipated and well-known by the people who have been following them: Head Hunters and Bad Potion. But my favourite track here is the less known Secret Cave, an intriguing minimal and hypnotic song.

Released 04/05/09

Graffiti Island - Secret Cave.mp3


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