Wednesday, 25 February 2009


In music, there's nothing as perfect as the seven inch vinyl format. Traditionally two songs: The hit on the A side (the one designed to catch you, to know what the band is about, to make you buy more of their records), and the dark track on the B side (the one more open to experimentation, that you cannot find in the album, sometimes a demo, sometimes a remix, sometimes instrumental, sometimes a live track). Two sides of a record, two sides of a band. Black, coloured, with picture sleeve, picture disc, single, double, wide distribution, limited, one band, split, one sleeve, gatefold, light or heavy, it has also been the music format that is closer to the art object.

I've always been attracted by this format, always collecting them even when nobody was buying vinyl anymore, when people started just buying CDs, when people stopped buying CDs and started burning CDs, when people stopped burning CDs and started downloading music and when people started buying seven inches again.

So yes, this blog is basically about this format, about new interesting, old classic, forgotten and remembered seven inches that influence our lifes in any way, encouraging the people to buy the record after listening to the song, but it's also interested in music in any other way.

Spin the black circle!