Saturday, 27 March 2010


I really don't get Lady GaGa. She is so manufactured and she's been exagerating her persona / character little by little but only as the press were talking more and more about it and she was able to see that she was getting positive reactions according to sales and popularity. Yes, a bit like Madonna but more obvious and with worse songs. Said that, I even get less the fact that she became a new icon for Gay culture that, although much better than Britney, is still a questionable choice. But don't worry, we already have the new gay icon who I hardly see possible to surpase to the mainstream but who definitely should. I'm talking about Farah who, with her new single Gay Boy for Italians Do It Better, wanted or not, has created what it should be a hymn for all the Gay Prides this year, and a hymn for all the Fag-hugs and simply one of the best lyrics I've lately heard. A beautiful disco ballad about a girl in love with a gay guy and how she tries to convince him to make out with her. Sad and funny at the same time it has lines like "we can watch gay porn to get you in the mood" or "Hey Josh, did you see who Paris Hilton picked to be her new BBF?". So all the gay people out there, take your fag-hags by their hands and go to the dancefloor to dance this tune with them.


When I heard the new album from Blithe Field, Beautiful Wave'74, it made me think about how much I miss and look forward to a new The Books album who hadn't release any since 2006's Lost and Safe. I think this is a good thing, that reminds me of them I mean. His compositions, although sometimes more minimal and calm, mix as well organic and laptop sounds, samples of music and voices, twisting them and melting them together. Spencer Radcliffe, the only permanent member of this project from Athens, Ohio, described his music to me as "sounding like rainbow sherbert and fishing" and I would add it generally sounds like nature, not only wild nature but also urban, like a clash of wild with metropolitan without trying to sound too poetic. You can check it yourself with a track here or you can go to his Bandcamp website and download it on a pay-what-you-want basis or you can also buy his handmade CDR for just 3.00$ here.

Blithe Field - I Love You Tate.mp3

Friday, 26 March 2010


Yellow Fever are the quintessential example of simple tunes and arrangements with magic results, the example that music has lots of possibilities with just a couple of notes and a slap on the face to the people that think everything is already done and you cannot create great tunes anymore. Yellow Fever are a duo from Austin, Jennifer Moore on guitar and ABolddam Jones on drums and Isabel Martin as a former member, that sound extremely fresh although they don't do anything new. They could have been releasing records for K Records if they had existed back in the 80s but they sound contemporary as well beside bands like The Sandwiches or Vivian Girls (who actually released their first proper album on their label Wild World, a compilation of songs previously released in various singles and EPs). And although they have this familiarity that makes you think you've heard this songs before, they also have kind of their own language because, although the songs may sound simple the first time around, if you pay attention you will realise they have many rhythm changes and a complexity not so evident the first time around that help them to sound fresh every time you play them.
And for the lyrics they are quite cryptic with lines like "why won't you recognise how psychedelic I am and love me" and most of the songs are titled under a name of a person.

Yellow Fever - Culver City.mp3

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Sometimes a band name doesn't say anything at all about the band and sometimes it's kind of a summary of the whole concept behind the band's lyrics and music. I'm not sure if this is what Harry Granger, the (L)only member behind Lonely Galaxy wanted to achive with this name but his songs are not the kind of songs you would recommend to listen to someone who is taking Diazepan. His lyrics explore the limits of loneliness, solitude and sadness to the point his friends normally ask him if he's ok after listening to them. Let's hope it's just his inspiration when writing music and, in a selfish way, let's hope he keeps on feeling this way if this is the engine for him to write these beutiful songs.
This EP simply called EP1 is out next month on Transparent, being it the first 10" they put out, and contains the stand out epic track (epic in the way Spiritualized are epic) Have a Heart, a song I've had on repeat in my I-pod and Laptop plus three more songs: Waiting, So Low and Time.
He's now trying to set up a band and reherse for a future tour next Summer, something he admits having trouble when recreating the sound of his recordings as all the orchestrations you can hear on the songs are created on his laptop. Let's hope he get's as close as possible. And to celebrate this release the people of Transparent asked Active Child to remix Have a Heart and he did an amazing job transforming the song into a tension creator urban soundtrack.

Lonely Galaxy - Have a Heart.mp3

Lonely Galaxy - Have a Heart (Active Child remix).m4a


I've been following Peggy Sue, the two Brighton girls + one boy for the last year and something, since the release of their first single Television through all their releases, mostly 7 inches and some of them doubles. It's been good seeing how they've grown up in popularity little by little, playing concerts around, getting more professional on their recordings and getting to record their first album in America last Summer. They've been mentioned in the press to be the next big thing, something very British to happen, in the last three years polls, thing that still have to get real, but it will probably change with the release of their first album Fossils And Other Phantoms next month on Witchita Recordings.
This is already the second single to be out of the album and it came out last Monday with the non-album track Trouble. The main track is available for download from their Daytrotter Session uploaded this month together with some more tracks here. Hope the best for the album and waiting to see them perform at Rough Trade East for the Record Store Day events, when they are going to have a special split single with First Aid Kit for the day as well.
Monday, 22 March 2010


The superband The Babies, superband because of their members (Vivian Girl Cassie Ramone, Woods bassist Kevin Morby, Nathaniel Stark and Bossy's drummer Justin Sullivan) not because they have powers, are releasing their first and second single within two weeks. Their first one, All Things Come to Pass / Caroline is out today on Wild World, the label of Vivian Girls has the spirit of those Sarah Record bands, The Pastels, The Vaselines and C86, more slowdown and pop than any of the main bands of the members. Shiny and pop, mostly acoustic and quite optimistic.

The second release to be out in a couple of weeks on Make a Mess records, but you can already order it straight from them on their website. As they say:'Meet Me In The City' and 'Somebody Else' are rollicking pop gems, pungent with sweet harmonies, raucous beats, tambourines, skyscraping guitars.
Get them both before they run out as they are limited editions and, taking into account their members are quite famous, they are going to disappear pretty soon. And I really recomend them both.

The Babies - Meet Me in the City.mp3

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Bullion is on a tour opening for The XX this month. If you never heard of him before you would think that he probably shares the minimal production or the dark mystery of them. You couldn't be more wrong. It's definitely quite a strange match.
Bullion's music is basically composed through samples and, although sometimes can get pretty dark, is much more upbeat and festive that what you would expect of The XX to choose, if they actually chose him directly as their opening act.
From Acton, London, he's already released two EPs and this single is his first 7", but he's better known for Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee that combined samples from the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds with samples from J Dilla. That was a good presentation card as summarises his choice and approach of mixing warm pop sounds with broken beats.
Say Goodbye to What is an upbeat song that samples a track by Klaus Nomi while Crazy Over You is much darker with a voice sample closer to what Burial or Gold Panda would choose.

MP3 removed by request
Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I posted this song long ago when I introduced Wild Nothing to some of you, the back then still-to-release-any-record project of Jack Tatum. Since then, he signed to Captured Tracks, released the beautiful first single Summer Holiday and last week, as an advance of what will be his first album Gemini to be out in May as well in Captured Tracks, comes this Kate Bush cover, Cloudbusting, that has been shared and commented online for a long time now.
The single, with a cover that reminds a lot Kate Bush's aesthetics, comes with the new B side Promise and will probably be included as well in the album that, if it's as good as all the advances we've heard so far, we have a strong candidate to be in all of the end of the year best records' lists.

Wild Nothing - Cloudbusting.mp3


Do you remember The Glove, that one-record-only project between Robert Smith, Steven Severin (Siouxsie and the Banshees) and the model-turned-singer Jeanette Landray? So Psychobuildings sound like if the best songs of that not great record had been lost and came to light nearly 30 years later. It has the voice that incredibly reminds that of Robert circa 1983; it has the bass sound so kind of funk on that record and on the Psychobuildings single; it has the weird electro-psychedelia as well. But anyway, these songs pay more interest to rhythm, mixing New Wave sounds with funk and shine without the need of comparing them to anything.
Psychobuildings, that started as a solo project of Peter LaBier has since expanded to include Juan Pieczanski (Small Black) and Peter Schuette (Silk Flowers) and released this first single on All Hands Electric in collaboration with Cass Club.
Psychobuildings Birds of Prey.mp3


Ariel Pink needs no introductions. He's been a star in the underground for years thanks to his lo-fi freak-folk-rock that most of the times surpasses any tag of genres, releasing records and touring non-stop. He's been associated to labels such as Paw Tracks, Upset! the Rhythm, Big Love, Mexican Summer or Asthmatic Kitty. But you probably know it all. And now, he's recently signed to 4AD, a label once linked with the atmospheric landscapes of Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil or the American indie-rock of The Pixies, The Breeders or Throwing Muses and that has pleasantly surprised everyone with recent acquisitions of the likes of Tune-Yards, Atlas Sound, Gang Gang Dance, Camera Obscura or even Scott Walker. So for Ariel Pink's troupe this is like a new start, confessing in a recent interview that lo-fi has always been a means and not a philosophy for him. Unable to record more professionally because of a lack of resources and money he's generally embraced the DIY ways only because there were not other options but now, with the 4AD support this is going to change. And the first proof is the first single, Round and Round, to be released on April 26th as a limited 7" from his forthcoming new album. Ariel Pink sounds as he's never sounded before; clean, calm and even radio-friendly on his best composition yet. Round and Round sounds like a 70s soulful ballad with a catchy sing-a-long chorus full of melancholy and really accessible.
The single comes with Mistaken Wedding as the B side and can't wait to hear everything that comes after this.
Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Attached Hands is an experimental duo from, as they say, the city built by mickey mouse and boy bands. They use all kind of electronic and analog instruments / devices in order to create their music, some of them even homemade and they use all types of images and projections when they perform live. They've just released a tapesingle on the label Post-Records, home of some releases by Watch Me Disappear or Panda, No Panda. They also have a song in their Fucking Friends Forever compilation and they'll soon release a split single together with Truman Peyote.
Their music goes from the quite noisy Caja De Santos to the ambient and more pleasant sounds of Shape/Mode, the track in the compilation that also have a video you can watch here.
They will also perform at the TotalBummer festival if you are lucky enough to be around Gainesville, Florida between March 26-28, with the likes of Jakuzzi Boys, Truman Peyote, Woven Bones, Run DMT, Emily Reo, MillionYoung or AttachedHands themselves.
And as we wait for their first release on vinyl, you can get the tape here or listen to one of its tracks after the jump.

AttachedHands - Versatility of Movement.mp3

Monday, 15 March 2010


Transparent brings us another amazing single. The first release of Perfume Genius, a 26 year old guy from Seattle who still lives with his mother and performs beautifully crafted and lo-fi piano ballads that seem so fragile they are going to break into pieces. In Mr Peterson he describes a damaged relationship (autobiographical or not) between a 15 years old guy and an older guy who let's him smoke pot in his van after making him a tape of Joy Division. Although the style and the approach to music is quite different, lyrically, it can remind you of Xiu Xiu, who he actually has as his first friend on his Myspace website and shares with him a bit the dark undertow of his stories.
He has recently signed to Turnstile, the label of Los Campesinos who actually discovered him while on tour, fell in love with his music, and pull the strings to make him join, so he will soon release his first LP at any point this year. You can also see lots of interesting homevideos of songs like Gay Angels or No Problem which will or won't make it to the album.

Perfume Genius - Mr Peterson.mp3


Today is Monday. Monday used to be a bad day until Beko started putting up a new free single on their website at the beginning of every week. And this week's is a personal favourite of mine's choice: Idiot Glee, who just released his first single in Hop Hop records and I reviewed here two months ago, offers us two new songs on this amazing single that follow the same patterns we've heard from him before and even taking them a step further with a cleaner production and being even more minimal that he's ever been. Happy Days is an inspired song that he sings with the only company of his trademark synths and Forever Kids is simply just an accapella song. The way he overlaps his vocals creating different layers of melodies and tones is superb and creates expectations to know how he manages to create the same effect when he performs live which you'll probably be able to see if you are lucky enough to be at the SXSW festival or live in Lexington. Download the whole single here.

Idiot Glee - Happy Day.mp3

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Factory Floor are not in a hurry. They take the things quite calm. A release per year, so far. The 7" Bipolar in 2008, the Planning Application EP in 2009 and now, this 10", an untitled three songs EP containing the tracks [16-2-16-9-20-1-14-9-7], Lying and A Wooden Box plus a DVD with a short film simply called F.F.Film. It's the first release where the third member who joined at the beginning of last year, Nik Colk, collaborates completely in the recording.
Last time I saw them live you could feel how they've changed since her incorporation to the band. They sounded more experimental, more into textures and sounds than song based and with longer and more progressive songs. The new orientation and all the new songs (I hardly recognised any from their recordings) were really good and they have enough material for an LP, although not sure if they are planning to make it anytime soon. Their quite cryptic Myspace page doesn't help at all about getting any information but we can meanwhile enjoy some videos they posted there.
And the release date for this artifact is still a mystery; it was supposed to be out on Blast First Petite on January but it's not ready yet, not even on pre-sale. So keep on checking.

Factory Floor - Lying.mp3


Transparent Records (and blog) is always a must to check. They've already released limited 7" from Washed Out, Small Black, The Smith Westerns or Active Child to name a few. They have an immaculate taste and eye for whatever they publish or even talk about on their blog. And soon we have new releases to come, and the first one is the single debut, after a sold out and promising tape called Sweater Kids on Mirror Universe, from Weed Diamond, a band managed by Tim J Perry with help from other four members who are from Denver. They've been followed by a lot of people for a while and this release will probably get them more. with a slightly cleaner sound that the recordings from the tape, Snowmelt and Oklahoma are jumping garage tracks in the key of The Smith Westerns or Christmas Island. You can get them on March 29th from Pure Grove and soon in the USA through Leftist Nautical Antiques. Limited to 300.

Weed Diamond - Snowmelt.mp3

In other news, the people from Half Machine Records are going to release a new song from them in the split with Ancient Crux from California that also have some pretty amazing stuff out and will soon have another split with Norse Horse on La Station Radar.

Ancient Crux - In Teen Dreams.mp3
Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Foxes in Fiction is the work of a man called Warren Hildebrand from Toronto, Canada. All has been very fast for him lately since he put up a mixtape / record on his blog less than a month ago under the title Swung from the Branches and it's already been reviewed in many blogs and even plagiarized in a blog under the name A.E., taking credit of his song Jimi Bleachball that changed the name into Faders and even created a cover for it. Cheeky and weird. Anyway, if somebody bothered to do so it's because his material is great. These recordings were not original meant to be together on an album as he specifies on his blog and he divides them into two parts as if it was a tape as he explains very well himself on this quote: "The whole thing was recorded for a kind of cassette A Side / B Side format so there is a pretty obvious division in style between the two. The first flows kind of as one long dreamlike hallucination song that segways pretty easily into each track, and is meant to inspire some pretty specific moods, while the second side more lucid pop songs". He's used guitar a looping pedal and a sample to record these beautifully crafted songs that he shares with us as a free download from here. You're going to like it if like Atlas Sound, Stereolab, J. Dilla and Boards of Canada.

Foxes In Fiction - Jimi Bleachball.mp3


Here we have another band that is impossible to get any information of. Their Myspace couldn't be less informative and their website more simple. I just could find out that they are two guys from Los Angeles that have a single to be out very soon and you can already pre-order it here or download it from I-Tunes. Their sound is, let's say, like if Xiu Xiu tried to have a cover band of Prince circa late 70s but messed it all up a bit. Both Fountains and Friends of the Night have a pretty nostalgic sound from when Philadelphia and Minneapolis where kind of the centre of the world, when disco was fading out and 80s Funk / Hi-NRG was starting to become popular, although we wouldn't have had anyone using the vocals this way back then and they are a bit more experimental than anything done at that time. They can even remind you of Arthur Russell sometimes. And to add more mystery and strangeness to it all, they also have a blog that consists on tracks that have been changed in speed and you can listen on-line, with no information at all on what the tracks are. Weird, but pretty interesting.

Upgrade: After receiving an email from them I have some more information: They are Andrew Aged and Daniel Aged. They are brothers and currently living in Los Angeles. This is their first recording and it will be available in 7" form by the end of March. They will be playing some shows in L.A. this spring and summer> And I have both tracks on repeat since I discovered them.

Teen Inc. - Fountains..mp3

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Dimlite is not a new project and he's not released any 7 inch lately so it's not the most common of the options for me to post here. Although he's been releasing stuff for years I just found out about him not long ago thanks to some mixes for Flying Lotus and others but it's been the appearance of one track online, that would presumably appear on his soon to be released new album on Now Again Records, what made me post about him. Most of his release until now are close to J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing and modern dubstep / electronica although on this track, and on his future releases he's trying to add some vocals by himself and we can also expect new influences. Check this track that is that is actually a cover of Gap Mangione’s Diana In The Autumn Wind, which he calls Diana Won’t.

Dimlite - Diana Wont.mp3


They say that "Birds of a feather flock together". If you believe it you just have to check Mathemagic's friends on Myspace to imagine how they sound: Memoryhouse, Toro y Moi, Washed Out or CFCF are between their top friends and we could also mention them as references if we tried to describe their sound. Chillwave sounds, electronic landscapes, shoegaze atmosphere and voices and all the metaphors you can think about mixing warm and cold together and melting analogical with electronics.
Mathemagic, aka Evan Euteneier and Dylan Euteneier from Canada, have already been mentioned on most of the blogs thanks two a couple of tracks that will be included on this soon to be self-released first EP called simply Mathemagic EP. Check their Myspace for more information soon.

Mathemagic - High.mp3

Monday, 8 March 2010


March is again a busy month for Captured Tracks and we are happy. Between all the recommended releases which some of them are going to be commented here for sure in the following days, we have the first single from The Soft Moon who couldn't have put it out with anybody else as it's 100% Captured Tracks. From California and enlisted to only a member, Luis Vasquez, his music is definitely inspired by post-punk bands like Joy Division / New Order, Bauhaus, The Sound and all the obscure and dark sounds from the beginning of the 80s or more recently Blank Dogs or Blessure Grave: whispering voices, thick bass lines, echoing guitars and repetitive drum sounds.
The A side Breathe The Fire is a rhythm bomb while Phantoms explores the same parameters with a more down tempo beat.
I grew up listening to all these dark bands so listening to new bands taking inspiration of those sounds without being an obvious copycat is quite interesting.

The Soft Moon - Breathe the Fire.mp3


Galapaghost, aka Casey Chandler with a little help from friends, is a guy from Woodstock, NY. I've never been to Woodstock and my only knowledge of this town is the mythic hippie festival that happened there long before he was actually born. Although that festival wasn't an influence for him for obvious timing reasons, there's a bit of a classic folk reminiscence within his compositions, from classic 60s and 70s folk to more modern approaches like Lou Barlow's Sentridoh. This EP formed by 6 songs is his second after Our Lost Generation, both published in the last three months and only available as a download that you can get through I-tunes or Amazon. Here you have a song to enjoy and don't forget to check both EPs if you like it.

Galapaghost - Human Unkind.mp3

Sunday, 7 March 2010


After a very good year when they had amazing reviews of their last record, a never ending tour and a couple of great singles, Woods start the new year with a new single, the three track 7 inch I Was Gone. It's a limited edition one time only pressing of 1500 copies and it's already available to order straight from their label Woodsist and soon in other specialized shops / websites. On the A side you have Days Gone By, a three part tape collage more abstract than the stuff they get us used to and on the B side we have two more conventional tracks, the title track I Was Gone and Hang On.
May will see the release of their new album on Woodsist as well but not sure if any of these tracks will make the cut or will remain only available on this issue as there's not any information about it yet. Meanwhile, we'll enjoy them.

Woods -I Was Gone.mp3

Friday, 5 March 2010


Radiohead popularized the idea of giving something for free (or pay-what-you-want) as a way of promotion and, as everybody knows, it really worked. We had all the media talking about it, other bands giving their opinion and many others following the example. It was the proof that for a popular band, in these days when you have many options of getting all the music for free anyway, free was actually a good way of cashing in as, after all the media fuzz, later it came the limited edition box, the format release, the singles and the sold out tour. Quality had also something to do with it though; If you give a shit for free, anyway, nobody is going to care but, if you are sure that what you are handing out is a quality product, the ear to mouth (or its modern version blog to eye) effect is going to work. Now it was the time to proof if this effect would work with unknown and new bands and, as it still is a rather new concept, it is actually working. it did for Memoryhouse, all the bands that put out singles on Beko and many other who upload free stuff on Bandcamp.
And here we have yet another free download, this time through the people of Waaga Records, and we already have numerous blogs talking about it. Quality again worked on its favour as the EP is extremely enjoyable. Two bedroom electronic dub-house-disco-shoegaze bands melting their songs together, Fur's being more dance oriented and French house inspired and Coyote Clean Up's getting closer to dub, chillwave and dream pop and giving us one of the best tracks I've heard this year so far, the hypnotic and spacey Don't Worry Dub that you can hear after the jump.
You can (and have to) download the whole thing here.

Fur - Clears Throat.mp3

Coyote Clean Up - Dont Worry Dub w Orphan.mp3


Pitchfork did it again. They are faster and more than me so they posted about this single before I did, because I was trying to find information about them online, which has been an impossible mission, even for them. They just got that Cults are a duo (boy and girl) from New York. Mystery is a plus these days of overinformation and easy access where everybody with software has a band and a public way of exposing themselves to the world thanks to Myspace which they actually have avoid so far.
And who needs more if the music speaks for themselves. The three songs on this free download single, listed as a future 7" to be released on the 23rd of December 2012 (and you can believe it or not) are pop gems that like to look back to the 60s but also to everything's been in between then and now, from girl bands to twee pop. Although the main track stands out thanks to his catchy sing along chorus and arrangements the three tracks are evocative and really good songs and they are free so pop up here to get them while we wait to know more about them.

Cults - Go Outside.mp3


Some months ago Javelin announced they were about to release two 12" on Thrill Jockey, consisting both of them of new tracks and a re-recorded old track on each of them. Both records as well are limited to 500 (the first one selling out in a couple of weeks) made out of recycled and unique old record covers customized with stamped wax Javelin logos on the front cover and a piece of paper with the tracklist glued on the back. My copy cover of Javelin 1 is an old live recording of Nancy Wilson, for example.
So Javelin 2 is going to be out in a couple of weeks and you can already pre-order it on-line on the Thrill Jockey website and stream the four tracks on it and prepare the money for their eminent first proper album called No Mas and coming out on David Byrne's label Luaka Bop on the 20th of April.
These tracks are more of what we've heard so far: a great mixmatch of genres from proto-electronics, world music, disco, funk and sampledelia to 80s hip hop, tropicalia or rnb. Or what is the same, the most fresh and festive stuff since The Avalanches.
And after Lindsay Broham, here you have Beyondce.

Javelin - Beyondce.mp3

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


If you want to be cool in this life you always have to have a limited-only-Japanese record. it's been like this since long ago and new bands know it so they keep on doing it. The record label Big Love from Tokyo has been the place many new artists have chosen to make us spend lots of money in order to get these very limited and hard to find items via import in specialised record shops or ordering directly from the label which means you'll spend more in post than what the record actually costs. At least, the people at Big Love, after realising we the western world are not very keen on learning their language, have finally made a English friendly ordering page for us to understand and order them without having to guess every single step and failing on every attempt (yes it happened to me). They've previously put out very interesting records from The Big Pink, Salem, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Cold Cave or Nite Jewel and are about to release new stuff from Veronica Falls, Your Twenties, The XX and this single I'm posting about, the second vinyl release, and first 7", of Pearl Harbour. Both tracks were previously available on the CDR Wish We Were Here that, as far as I know, is only available at their shows, but it will be the first time these songs appear on vinyl. Both tracks are quite similar to the stuff they previously released on their Mexican Summer EP, dreamy post punk pop with chorus guitar and a drum kit for people who misses when (pseudo)popular music used to be sad and melancholic. Keep on checking the website to know the release date as it's limited to 300.

Pearl Harbor - California Shakedown.mp3


Tunng are like Woody Allen. You can count on a release periodically, theirs being every two years. And to introduce us to their new album ...And Then We Saw Land out this week on the UK on Full Time Hobby and in a month on Thrill Jockey in the USA they put out its first single last week, Hustle, one of their most upbeat songs to date. It's even a bit quirky and hippish although not in a bad way. All the elements we've seen on Tunng before are present here: a delicate but elaborated production using all types of acoustic instruments (banjos, guitars..), a subtle electronica touch and complex percussion arrangements with a lot of care for the melody. Little by little, as we could already feel with their previous album, they are becoming less folktronica and more pop, but the essence is still there and their sound is always recognisable. They are currently on tour in the UK and soon around Europe.

(Song removed by request, sorry)
Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Tassels is the solo project of Sean Orr from Vancouver, also a member of post-hardcore band Taxes and Kidnapping. His music is mainly instrumental and quite abstract. Most of his songs are composed in different parts forming a collage of sounds and ideas rather than a classic song structure although they are expressed in a traditional duration of no more than 4 minutes. Not sure what he uses to compose the songs as I hardly have any information but it sounds they are mainly composed through samples and music software or really transformed and processed real instruments until they sound like something completely different and they are finally put together with Garageband.
Most of Tassels tracks are quite dark and slowed down, drones that come and go, disapear and appear again later, like Do the Demerol that starts like something Salem would be proud of doing or putting on one of their frightening mixes or Fucking Wavy, where there's a constant dark rythm throught the song. Nothing's been released yet and there are no news of future releases but we'll wait for more news.

Tassels - Do the Demerol.mp3

Tassels - Fucking Wavy.mp3


If you check my labels section you will probably realise that the Captured Tracks one is the one with more entries. How can I avoid talking about most of the references when they have released more than 40 records in a year, most of them 7 inches and most of them great? One year ago Captured Tracks was only known in small circles, I suppose that mainly locally around Brooklyn and people who spend a lot of time online checking for whatever is new and relevant. These days, you can find articles about this label in more mainstream magazines and every blog on earth and they got it without making any concession to their sound or philosophy. Luckily, this means that now it's much easier to get those records outside the USA without having to page huge amounts of money on postage as a better distribution has been placed.
So one of the last references is the first Beach Fossils 7", Daydream, an advance of his eminent first LP also on Captured Tracks coming in April. Some Beach Fossils demos have circulated on the internet for a long time, including the A side on this single. His tracks are always evocative of 60s and 80s garage, like on the B side Desert Sand, but also post-punk pop with great guitar and bass lines, like the ones here that takes you to the first New Order songs or even Blank Dogs itself, although the final result is much more sunny and colourful.

Beach Fossils - Daydream.mp3


It's incredible how the fame of Best Coast has increased in just a few months. She released this 7" on PPM at the beginning of last month and, although it was an edition of 1000, it's been already sold out for a couple of weeks, not only on the distributor website, but in most of the places you were able to get it. And I say most of the places because, as I sadly forgot to buy it then, I was crazily trying everywhere online but finally managed, after one hour, to get my copy here. Anyway, if by the moment you are reading this post you want to get your copy on this link and it's sold out, they said at PPM that a second release it's coming in a couple of weeks so hurry up as they say it's going to be the last one.
And what about the songs on this single? Three songs: the previously available on Myspace Something in the Way and two new tracks, Wish He Was You and The Road. The three tracks are on the key of what you could here on the Make You Mine single, Lo-Fi surf-60s-pop and it came on editions of transparent, blue or black vinyl.
And if you didn't get the Art Fag single on time, you can get it now as a repressed in orange it's been made and it's available on many places, including Pure Groove in the UK.

Best Coast - Something In The Way.mp3

Monday, 1 March 2010


Last December I made a post about the then not popular at all Memoryhouse, some days before they released as a free download their first EP The Years, still available here . They included there the now so talked about To The Lighthouse, which since then has been posted on Pitchfork and many other first league blogs, a video's been made, a Millionyoung remix appeared, it was the A side of a Beko single and now, finally my prayers have been heard and it finally appears as the A side of their first ever physical release; a 7" single out tomorrow on Evident Records . This is in fact squeezing all the juice from a song but, when the song is as good as this dreamy and ethereal track, we understand and approve all this overexposure. And this doesn't mean they don't have any other tracks up to the level of this one. The four tracks on the EP were great and both the more acoustic B side Bonfire or the floaty instrumental free download track (once you purchase the 7") Coma are worth your attention. And wait for the proper first LP some time in Spring to be called Looms of Youth.

Memoryhouse - To the Lighthouse.mp3


Joseph Deney, aka Spine Spirit, is another youngster who has been producing his homemade music thanks to the nowadays massively used GarageBand program. He's already released a self-titled album only available locally (Indiana) and on I-tunes and a free download EP called Surfhunter that you can find here. After the release of his new LP, Jungle Bridges, that just appeared last month, he's releasing in a couple of weeks a single on Make Mine that contains the new song Crashers (Highs & Lows), No Psychic and a new version of Slept Away, previously available on his last album. He bases his music around samples, warm sounds, atmospheric voices, chants, synths and repetition. Yes, if all this reminds you of Panda Bear's Person Pitch before listening to it you will not have a change of mind after hearing it as his sound owes much to that album, although the structure and the duration of the songs are closer to a more conventional pop structure and he sometimes uses beats that take the songs to a almost dancey tecno-pop territory like on No Psychic. Out next Monday 13th.

Spirit Spine - Crashers (Highs and Lows).mp3