Saturday, 18 September 2010


Between my busy schedule and the fact that my upload management website stopped working until further notice and I've tried to find a new one to use meanwhile without succeeding I'm not been posting as frequently as I normally do. Let's hope things go back to how the use to and I can continue annoying you with my recommendations.
Anyway, this is a post to celebrate the second single from London's duo Summer Camp, Round the Moon, this time mainly sung by the masculine half. This is also the second single to come out from the recently published Young EP, a collection of 6 songs that also includes their best known track Ghost Train, although the B side, It's Summer, as the first single B side Montgomery Avenue 1984, would remain exclusive to this single, so no excuse for not getting it.
Round the Moon, as much of the songs of the EP, has an 80s feeling of bands such as The Cars, fact that may surprise whoever has only heard Ghost Train. Both the single and the EP are out on Moshi Moshi

In other news, the band are playing some UK gigs next month which is probably their first ever tour.

Summer Camp - Round The Moon.mp3


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