Friday, 6 May 2011


And as I mentioned Austra on my previous post and they're putting a new single out next week, I think it's fair to refer to it as well. Katie's newest project is getting more popular after the media attention her previous single, Beat and the Pulse, got on-line and the fact she's releasing through Domino could have helped as well. But she kept the most dance-oriented and killer track from the album to be the second single, the one coming immediately (one week) before the long debut release. If this song doesn't get played all around we'll just get another proof the world is unfair, as it's destined for mass transmission.
The video, a massive work of surrealism and symbolism, mixes playing cards, fights and fake tan in a way Katie uses to (check her other videos). It probably won't be shown much on MTV but, anyway, MTV doesn't play videos anymore.



pharmacy wiki said...

Hahahaha, it is so true, MTV should start considering to change their name to RSTV ("R" standing for REALITYSHOW)... With Austra something strange happens, because I think they have the global sound required to produce a blast in the music world... but they haven't. Media? Maybe...

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