Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I know I posted two months ago a generic post about Blank Dogs but, the original idea for this blog is to talk about 7' singles and promote them so, if there's a new Blank Dogs single, which happens at least once a month, I will probably talk about it. Last week saw the edition of the magnificent new Blank Dogs LP, Under and Under, and In The Red, the label that released it, in order to celebrate it, they published this week a limited edition single as a companion to that album featuring two songs from the same sessions but not included on the record (not even the extra tracks on the vinyl version) or anywhere else. Waiting could be a hit on the hands of, let's say, Robert Smith if he had any talent left but, of course, Blank Dogs' ghost-like voice and the (lack of) production of the song will not let it happen. Splitting, the b side, made me stand up to check if I was playing the song at the right revolutions as the upbeat drum machine is kind of 80s EBM. You better run to get one copy, it's been released for three days and it's already sold out in many places.
Released 08/06/09

Blank Dogs - Waiting.mp3


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