Thursday, 11 June 2009


When I started this blog some months ago I did it with lots of expectations, well, all the expectations you can put on something like this, but after a while and thinking about all the amount of music blogs there are on line, there is not really a lot of new things to offer, and not many possibilities that somebody is going to care about actually reading yours and not some of the popular ones that have direct contact with bands and offer exclusive news and stuff. But when you stop thinking about it and you actually have feedback you feel really happy and realise that maybe somebody on the other side of the planet actually found about it on line. And this is how my story with Guitars started. Last weekend, April contacted me and told me about her band Guitars, that have just self-released their first LP White Night White Night, limited to 100 copies only so hurry up to get it as it probably must be on the way to be sold out. They are five people from Houston with a love for classic bands like The Velvet Underground or Television and garage rock bands like The Cynics, who they opened live for, or Thee Oh Sees. Their record is a demonstration that pop-rock language is far to be exhausted as they can get really good tunes doing simple songs with a classic band formation and sound fresh and new. I particularly enjoy the opening track I Can't Wait and Waiting For a Good Time, which beginning looks like a tribute to Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, but recomend to listen to the whole album.
They are playing some dates in Houston, New York and Washington so check out their myspace to know when and where:

Guitars - I Can't Wait.mp3

Guitars - Waiting For A Good Time.mp3


e static said...

i think youre on the right track here. while a lot of the blogs seems to bleed the same info, setting yourself apart with tunes you like, pulling out something special from those tunes, offering it up to the world, and helping out the creators is a good thing. kudos to you.

another band with a 100 pressing limited 7" release is austin tx usa's followed by static. check us when you have a chance. cheers!

Then God Is 7 said...

I checked your myspace to listen to your band and liked it so much I just ordered your 7' on insound. Be sure I'll talk about it. Thanks for your comment

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