Thursday, 18 June 2009


One of the main regrets this new wave of lo-fi post-punk bands like, to mention some, Blank Dogs, Blessure Grave, Gary War or Zola Jesus, is their extreme overproduction of releases together with a lack of evolution. They are accused of putting out everything they have ever recorded in a broken 80s Walkman with no particular consistency in the selection of the tracks leaving you the possibility of making a mix tape with some of their tracks and forget afterwards which songs are the oldest ones or the ones that have just been released. I particularly don't agree with this statement for some of these bands and if there's one that can prove this wrong that is Cold Cave. For those who don't know them, Cold Cave started as a one man's project, Wes Eisold, to end up being a full band. After a first single, the still available Painted Nails EP, some splits, a cassette and a self released LP, all of them compiled in the recently published Cremations compilation, you can see just a part of how this project has changed. I particularly prefer the stuff in the first EP, more noisy and ambient than the stuff on the cassette or the LP, much more industrial, hard and gothic. But I definitely got into them after the release of The Trees Grew Emotions and Died EP, published late last year. The songs on that EP found them in a more kind and poppy disguise. They even try to move into a candid dance pop in the main track and this is the point where their new EP departures from. In Edsel and Ruby, and advance of three songs from their forthcoming new album, they polish their sound into new territories with choruses and synth-pop influences. Love Comes Close sounds like New Order meets Magnetic Fields while the other two tracks are a bit closer to their own past, with darker synths and melodies. The versions of the songs in the EP are supposed to be different from the ones that will appear on the LP, suspecting they are moving into a more Hi-Fi and pop sound that I personally think that it suits them so far. I can't wait to hear it.

Released 25/05/09

Cold Cave - Love Comes Close.mp3


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