Thursday, 25 June 2009


There's something very creepy and strange in Katie Stelmanies' world. Her videos are funny and uncomfortably weird, full of z-movie effects and lo-fi christian LSD imagery. Her music mixes influences particularly opposed such us opera, chamber music and 80s disco-techno-pop. She's collaborated with Fucked Up in different occasions and also has covered Roy Orbison and Aretha Franklin. She's an Italo-Latvian who lives in Toronto and the cover art of the single I'm recommending here is by far the most tremendously tasteless I've seen in ages.
All these things I have mentioned should be enough to make you think that this can be a terrible pastiche but actually it sounds really natural and beautiful. Her opera style voice is committed and never over-exposed, her musical arrangements are subtle and elegant and her compositions are catchy but never obvious. Believe me is extremely beautiful and timeless. I've had it on repeat for some days and it looks I can never get tired of it. She's currently touring the UK and I'm sure she has to be great live.

Released 22/06/09

Katie Stelmanis - Believe Me.mp3


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