Wednesday, 4 November 2009


And this is the second post of a split single in a row but this time no covers. This time Arthur Russell comes back to life for yet another time to serve as the perfect companion for Grizzly Bear's howler new project, Cant. Chris Taylor, apart from having a new band / project, is premiering his new label with this first single, the audaciously called Terrible Records. And taking into account he's partly guilty for this year's previously unreleased collection of Arthur's most conventional songs to date, Love Is Overtaking Me, it's not strange that he chose another of his songs in the same key, that could have done it to the collection, to complete his first single as Cant. And for the song, another beautiful Americana melody from the late 70s, this time chorused with a mysterious girl. On his side, Chris Taylor delivers a slow and atmospheric song not far from the stuff he does in his main project but maybe fails to project the same beauty and emotion they are used by their standards. Anyway, as a first attempt is not a bad try though he has to live at the shadow of comparisons to Grizzly Bear, and that is not an easy thing to put up with.

Released 02/11/09

Cant - Ghosts.mp3


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