Sunday, 1 November 2009


For those who don't already know Sic Alps, they are a garage-pop-folk duo, with Ty Segall's occasional collaboration, who released two albums last year, both of them mixing long atmospheric songs with others that are shorter and more psychedelic and both recorded with few resources. And then, two months ago, they announced a single for Slumberland, released it and it is kind of produced, poppy and catchy. But good catchy.
Sometimes catchy can be good but sometimes really bad. We have catchy songs that are sticky to death, that you don't like at all but you cannot get them out of your head and you don't know why. They normally use terrifying techniques like repetition (womanizer oh, womanizer, you're a womanizer baby), onomatopoeias (boom, boom, pow!) and generally, the only reason for them to exist is to sell loads in months and be a disposable product as valuable as a napkin but less recyclable.
And then we have the good catchy, the one that looks for the perfect harmony in the simplest of ways and does it for the sake of it, the way The Beatles did it long ago or later Beat Happening. And L. Mansion is close to this second type; it's Sic Alps as you never heard them before and it sounds good.

Sic Alps - L Mansion.mp3


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