Tuesday, 17 November 2009


In a year that everything is about girls and dogs, here we have the first single out of the second album from Wetdog, a band formed in London by three girls. Yes, they are three girls, the magic number for a girl band, and they play guitar, bass and drums, so imagine that you will soon hear stupid references as "the British answer to Vivian Girls" as it may be the easy thing to say, as they are also three girls. But apart from this fact I don't see much more in common. Their melodies are more based in post-punk riffs and attitude than in 60s girl bands and the changes of rhythm are frequent in most of their compositions, something you hardly see in the Vivian's songs. I would say they are closer to The Slits, who their recently toured the UK with, than to this new wave of American girl bands. Anyway, Lower Leg is a great way to introduce you to their music as it captures the spirit of their sound with the slow-fast-slow change of sequence and the vocal harmonies. And if you turn around the record you can enjoy two other good tracks you cannot listen anywhere else. Out in Angular Records.

Released 02/11/09

Wetdog - Lower Leg.mp3


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