Saturday, 14 November 2009


If we can use the term POP WITH GIRL VOCALS as a genre tag (like this, in capital letters)this is what suits best to Total Babe, a band which name has no cynicism at all. It's total pop and total girly, although they have two male members if we count the recent admission of their new drummer who joined the band after the recording of Heatwave, their first ever release. And it's total pop in a indie-pop sort of way: luminous, simple and unpretentious. Although they are just old enough to vote their composition and performance is bright and experienced, just on the border of being twee-pop but not sounding naive at all. They look back at the nineties, bands like Belle and Sebastian or even the less experimental Stereolab although more acoustic. Bearbones, the first track on this EP that sadly has not planned a vinyl release, is probably the most effective song in the record, thanks in part to the silky voice of Clara Salyer, but also to the beautiful arrangements and contagious melody. Anyway, any of the other 4 songs is also a proof that this band could get very far with their dreamy bedroom pop songs.

Total Babe - Bearbones.mp3


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