Monday, 23 November 2009


The delay on the delivery of the latest Sub Pop singles club has made me feel it has last double. The last instalment, planned for July 09, just arrived last week at home. This time, Dutchess and the Duke are the protagonists which means that, taking into account their second album was released last month, this single should have appeared in between records. Dutchess and the Duke's first album was full of dark songs about hate and resentment while their last record is a bit more positive. So that makes me think these songs were recorded during the process of their new album as Side by Side is an optimistic love song, although the B side Daggers is on the edge of darkness. Musically, both songs are what you can expect from them, two acoustic folk songs that look back to the 60s but also to the 90s and the 00s folk revival, beautifully performed without any kind of extra arrangements; just their voices and guitars. Just another proof that Sub Pop is always aware and get varied and interesting acts for their singles club.
Let's hope that Sub Pop reconsider not to stop the Singles Club forever as they mentioned at the beginning of this last subscription and carry with it forever and ever or with some periodicity, at least. You know you can trust them and you don't mind paying in advance for 12 singles from 12 bands you don't know which are going to be, and this is not something you can say from many labels.

dutches and the Duke - Side By Side.mp3


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