Thursday, 1 October 2009


It was the beginning of the 90s. I was a teenager and as a teenager you have to have a musical idol, somebody who you admire more than the rest and makes you sometimes overview the fact that they are just musicians. Most of the people at that time had Thurston More, Kurt Cobain, Black Francis, Stephen Malkmus or Morrissey as their idols, to name a few. The closest I have been to have one it would probably be with Lou Barlow, although I also had admiration for many more. I applauded his versatility with different projects or even inside the same one, his productivity releasing numerous records under different names every year, most of them with more than 20 songs and close to fill in all the blank space of the format, and the democracy he applied to the projects he shared with more people. All these things left a mark on me when judging all the stuff I've heard since then. I understood that lo-fi is a way of expression apart from a lack of resources. I also understood that an acoustic ballad can be pretty punk. And that sometimes the magic of an unfinished first take of a song that lasts less than a minute can be left as the final take if you feel that's enough.
From all his projects, which I obviously got into them through Sebadoh, I ended up feeling more comfortable and close with the releases under the Sentridoh name, which is to say, the stuff he used to write and record on his own. And when he released the album Emoh under his own name I was happy to find out that he still was in pretty good shape and, although the album was quite produced, it still contained the magic of his previous albums.
The Right is the first single of his second effort releasing an album under his own name and, after hearing it, I have to say it continues the style of that first album. And in that particular song, you have summarized, not only the spirit of the whole record, but also of all his career. It has the intimacy of Sentridoh, the rhythm of Folk Implossion and the band sound of Sebadoh. And it gives you a pleasant and nice sensation of deja-vu as if you had heard him sing this song before. And I don't mean it in a way as if it sounded too much like any other song he's made but in the way it sounds so naturally his it's hard to believe he didn't come up with this 20 years ago.

Released 28/09/09

Lou Barlow - The Right.mp3


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