Saturday, 24 October 2009


There are many different facts that can make you approach a band you don't know: A favorable review in a magazine or website you trust, a new release in a label you have other items from, a recommendation from a friend, the cover of the record or even the name of the band. A really good name can make you take interest and the same works the other way around, a really bad name can completely put you off. And then, sometimes, a bad name that results funny because it's so bad can also make you approach the band and this is what happen to me with this single. I would say both bands have not the best choices of names but can get you feel interested to know what's behind these name choices.
Baby Birds have already plenty of cassettes and CDRs but this has been the first time they put out something on vinyl. They perform highly instrumental quiet/loud/quiet music sometimes with loops and drones and sometimes more melody friendly. 3 is not an exception, starting with a loop to later transform into a more conventional song and back to the drone again.
This is not the first Boo and Boo Too record either. They are friends of the same ambient and atmospheric landscapes sometimes but, as it's the case of this song, closer to noise pop than their partners on the A side. Whats more, in I Am the Lorax they sound as if they were possessed by the spirit of Calvin Johnson.

Boo and Boo Too - I Am the Lorax.mp3

For the ones they don't know Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, as I don't like to upload both songs of the same 7", here you have the song from the Chomp Womp Compilation, Eating with Horses

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - Eating with Horses.mp3


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If you would like to pick a copy you can do so here.

Seth M. Wiese
Lovely Sea Records

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Yes, sorry, I forgot to put it on the post.

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