Thursday, 22 October 2009


This is the second release from The Bitters. If you read the review I posted here about their first EP or even more if you have a copy of Wooden Glove, there's not many new things to say about this 7 inch. Two more cave pop songs from this Toronto duo in the same label they released their presentation, this time even a bit darker, more Lo-Fi and slightly more experimental and schizophonic, but still infectiously enjoyable, specially East which could have been somewhere in between Siouxsie and the Banshees' Scream, sharing the same type of obscure guitar riff and monotone drums beats.
And if you enjoy this you better prepare your wallets as they have plenty of releases coming up: An album for Woodsist, a 7" in True Panther Sounds, a Split cassette with Little Girls, a 12" EP on Sacred Bones, another cassette on Hi Shadow, another 7" on Wild World and a 10" record. Either they have spent the last months inside their cave in a strict workaholic diet or they've been touched by the inspiring muses of creation. And although they were supposed to be just a release project with no intention to perform live, they are actually doing some gigs here and there.

Released 28/09/09

The Bitters - East.mp3


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