Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I am happy to announce that another pile of Captured Records stuff has come out this week. Between the stuff, this time, we can find the first Ganglians release they put out in the market after the admired 12" on Woodsist and their first LP Monster Head Room on Weird Forest Records, both earlier this year. They advanced on their website that these two tracks were the finest Ganglians songs so far, fact that Ganglians themselves agreed with, and that they were so happy to be the ones to publish them, and I have to agree. Both tracks are addictive, specially the A side, Blood in the Sand, with a start that reminds Black Lips's Katrina, the song is an infective garage-folk-rock anthem. This release marks the umpteenth connection between the two best labels of the year, Captured Tracks and Woodsist, who normally share artists, tours and other events, and make me want to move to Brooklyn.

Released 05/10/09

Ganglians - Blood on the Sand.mp3


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