Friday, 2 October 2009


Hype. If you look at the dictionary for the meaning of this word it says "Promotion or advertisement; especially, exaggerated claims". In the music business it's a common thing to exaggerate about the value of a song, and album or a band, even more on the British press and especially in publications like the NME that has become little by little in a music version of a gossip and sensationalist magazine. How many "the best new band, the best record of the century or the best debut of all times" can we possibly have? So well, The Drums are full of hype all around with reviews containing some of the sentences I've mentioned before. And the question is: are all these reviews objective and true? I personally have my objections with this. Let's Go Surfing is an effective pop song that you'll probably get stuck in your mind for the rest of the day after listening to it, but this is not always a good thing. The lyrics are beyond terrible but yes, the melody is good. And I can understand that they can also be quite annoying sometimes.
But you always have to think that a band is not to be blamed for the hype they can get around. So let's just say that this is a good single, not a great one but a good one, but don't expect them to change anything or be the best new something.

Released 28/09/09

The Drums - Let's Go Surfing.mp3


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