Sunday, 27 March 2011


Sometimes a band influences are so obvious it is impossible to read a review without some names popping out at some point. Also sometimes those influences are more than obvious and can even make you think that you are actually listening to a song of the band they are inspired by in that song. And when the influence is just a single band and, not only they copy the sound step by step and detail by detail but also the image, the covers, the videos and everything that made that band special, it can actually made you blush of shame. Pink Playground is one of those and, although many people have copied before the sound of My Bloody Valentine before (probably the band that has been more plagiarized lately together with Joy Division) I don't think that anyone has gone that far without any shame. Pink Playground is to MBV what Bjorn Again is to Abba. Pink Playground could pass for a tribute band to someone (if there's anyone there) who hasn't heard MBV songs a thousand times and is able to recognize Soon from Only Shallow. The cover of their tape Pink Dream is more than a rendition to the one from Feed Me with your Kiss.
The question is: Are Pink Playground any good though? Yes, they are. Their first physical single Sunny Skies is a proof of this. Both songs could actually be part of the MBV back catalog if better recorded.
Are they worth a listen? Yes they are if you can separate yourself from the fact you are listening to some songs without trying to contextualize them.
Can we try to make the exercise of enjoying their songs after having been 20 years looking forward listening to some new MBV tracks and never having been able? Yes, we can
Is it easy though? No, it's not. It's hardly impossible.

Pink Playground: Shame on you but thank you very much.

01 sunny skies (cs version) by pink playground


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