Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Let's start this post with Toby Ridley'sBold, the only member of this British project, thoughts about his own project: he doesn't consider this a band or even a project or his own alter ego, existing separated from himself and transcending reality. Alright, whatever, but the music here is the important thing. The record's four tracks (Ghost Step, Get Hype, Orient and Congratulations Planet Earth) are not of easy listening, transpiring dubstep, hip hop, breaks and soul. The type of music you may like if you enjoyed this year's Joy Orbison and Gold Panda, but also if you like the dissonant sounds of Xiu Xiu, Salem and the label Merok. Yes, it sounds pretty weird on paper, but very good when you actually listen to it. And be ready because after this limited to 100 12" on Tough Love Records just released, lost of new things for next year including two 7" singles. And check for his cover of Teardrops here:


On the evil side of what The XX did earlier this year.

Becoming Real - Get Hype.mp3


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