Tuesday, 22 December 2009


The Sandwitches, a band whose two out of three members were formerly part of The Fresh & OnlBoldys, appeared like a blow of fresh air a couple of months ago with their eclectic and fun debut album How To Make Ambient Sadcake and rapidly got the attention of people and blogs all around. Their mix of 60s pop bands, folk, and shining melodies made this album a timeless record that could have been published any time since the 60s, although their naive DIY sound makes it quite contemporary as well. And this week just arrived their first 7 single release out of this album, the perfect and most upbeat track Back to the Sea, a tune stolen from Spector girl bands and surf boy bands as if it was played by a high school band on their first take. This should be Calvin Johnson's favourite new tune if it's not yet. And on the B side, the new track Beatle Scream with its simple arrangement is another reason to get this single

This single, out of all the publicity they're getting, it's been sold out from pre-release, but available from some suppliers such as Rough Trade and Juno so hurry up to get your copy.

The Sandwiches - Back to the Sea.mp3


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