Monday, 28 December 2009


Presents For Sally's first single, Catch Your Fall, travels in time to 1990 from the title to the sound. Before listening to Catch Your Fall and its B side Smooch, for the way the title sounds, you think this could be a Slowdive, Ride or Telescopes song that was never published and then, after listening to it, you actually can continue thinking the same. It's Creation / 4AD sound circa 1990/1991. And then you can even go further and investigate the band's influences, if they were not obvious enough, on their Myspace website and it's like a shoegaze memorandum. And even more, Presents for Sally's first contact with the public was in the compilation The Secret Garden vol.1: Nu-gaze, The new wave of shoegaze. Having said that and taking into account revisionism of genres is massively abused these days, we could either reject them for not handing in anything new or embrace their songs for what they are without taking into account the year they've been out, because Catch Your Fall would be there together with Catch The Breeze or Unfamiliar if it had been out 20 years ago. On Laser Ghost Recordings.

Presents For Sally - Catch Your Fall.mp3


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