Sunday, 27 December 2009


Not long ago I made a post about Aidan Moffat's last single and traveled in time to remember the virtues of the first days of Arab Strap. Now it's the time to talk about Malcolm Middleton's last single. I particularly still consider his first solo album as his best effort and have not enjoyed so much all the other releases that followed that record. Anyway, this last EP is worth to review and listen as it's a strange creature on its own as Malcolm performs some covers we could have never imagined he would dare to play even less record and publish. Or could we after he included a Madonna cover on the album he released a couple of years ago?

Anyway, Arab Strap always showed a strange taste on the covers they used to perform live (AC/DC's You Shook me All Night Long or Bonnie Tyler's Heartache) but Malcolm tightens the strings and puts out a 4 song EP of girl bands / performers covers choosing The Saturdays' Issues, Girls Aloud's Call the Shots, Ladyhawk's My Delirium and Joan Osborne's One of Us, all sung with his characteristic Glaswegian accent and perform with his acoustic guitar to end up sounding as a Malcolm Middleton classic song.

I know that the fact of a serious artist covering a mainstream hit is not something new as many people has done it before, but it's always something interesting and fun to listen to.

Malcolm Middleton - Call the Shots.mp3


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