Sunday, 27 December 2009


I've been following this Brighton duo (now a trio) since the release of their first single Television a couple of years ago. Their vocal combination is one of the most perfect and beautiful we've heard during the last years and the simplicity of their arrangement mixing folk, punk and soul, although is not something new, it sounds fresh and imaginative on their hands. After a bunch of singles, double singles and CDRs they put out last month what's going to be the official first single of their debut album to be out on Wichita on spring 2010, but released through Ches Club Records under the name of Yo Mama. Nothing new on their sound, the same acoustic simplicity and the same type of arrangements, but not everything is about evolution when they final product and the composition is as good as their first songs. Maybe the quality of the recordings of Yo Mama and Hatstand Blues is what stands out these songs from their previous catalogue, but luckily they have not made any concession in order to achieve radio success.

Peggy Sue - Yo Mama.mp3


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