Monday, 21 December 2009


Fader Magazine in collaboration with Southern Comfort have been given out a series of installments of singles, digitally for everybody and on vinyl for some lucky ones. Some previous singles include Wavves, Telepathe or Wild Yaks and in this occasion they approached Salem, the band of eternal 7 singles releases, and Tanlines, known for the New Flowers EP and several remixes they made this year. There's nothing better than receiving a present like this from a total stranger. In fact, my father used to work for Southern Comfort and I already have a set of towels, bottle openers, cocktail trays, and random merchandising so the single, still waiting to know if I'm one of the chosen ones, would match perfectly with all these things.
Salem, who recently uploaded a free mix that is scary as hell (still available for download at the Wemakeitgood website), hand out a track, Babydaddy, that is kind of sweeter in the key of their Japanese single Ohk, thanks in part to the vocals of Heather that is less terrifying than John's highly processed chants.
Tanlines, who are currently working in new material to be out soon, give us their first song with lyrics (they used vocals before, but only kind of humming). Saw, which is close to the calipso-reggeton of Bejan, the track they put out on the Kitsune Maison 7 compilation, opens new doors to their sound thanks to the use of vocals and the final result is closer to the idea of a band playing rather than two guys pressing keys in a computer.
Taking into consideration that the limited free single has a release of 500 copies and they just have down to 300 people requesting the item online I feel pretty confident to get one, although I've never been so lucky with chance.

Tanlines - Saw.mp3


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