Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I've had this record for more than 2 months but constantly kept on forgetting to post about it so not sure if there are still copies available of this limited to 500 copies 7 inch record to buy. The Great Pop Supplement, a small record label specialized in beautifully packaged vinyl and paying a lot of attention to folk music, has reached its 50th release and to celebrate it they offer us an amazing gift: a split single with one of the best bands of all time, Spacemen 3, and a devoted cover of one of their songs by Wooden Shjips on the B side. Spacemen 3 is one of the most influential bands of the 80s, although sometimes forgotten about, but should always be put up they are there together with the classics as it's impossible to conceive the story of modern music without taking them into consideration. Here, we can hear another version of their last single, the one that divided the two running forces of the band and defined their future careers apart, being Pierce's a logical progression of the classic space-rock sound of the band and Kember moving into electronic psychedelia. On the demo version of Big City the surprising move into electronics is not as obvious as in the final mix and is interesting to finally hear how it evolved into what we've heard thousands of times.
Wooden Shjips' rendition of Playing with Fire's I Believe It moves its sound slightly into space-blues and although it's very respectful with the original song, it's a good cover that gets closer to Wooden Shjips latest work.

Wooden Shjips - I Believe it.mp3


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