Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Many artists have been trying to make dance music with traditional instruments, from punk funk to even disco, but Django Django, who also make music you can dance to, have nothing to do with it. They basically use traditional instruments, repetitive percussion and pastoral and acoustic elements but doesn't sound like a bunch of hippies as they dress these things on a 4x4 rhythm. Both songs could be mixed in a techno session by, I don't know, Villalobos, without being difficult for him to find the right tempo; but both songs could also be reinterpret by, I don't know, Fleet Foxes, without being difficult for them to adapt them.
OK, you are probably confused by now but if I say they are the closest somebody has been to The Beta Band savoir faire, you will probably understand it better.
Originally from Scotland but placed in Dalston, London, they released this first single in Shadazz, a small record label from Glasgow that has previously released records by El Hombre Trajeado or James Orr Complex. Two songs: Storm, with a repetitive drum tempo and a vocal melody that takes you back to the 60s Americana and Love's Dart, with a more subtle clicking percussion and a westerny guitar loop. Both songs are great and could be loved by many people who enjoy from classic rock to modern composition.

Released 13/08/09


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