Monday, 27 July 2009


It was the beginning of 2008 when I first got on contact with Memory Cassette, a mysterious band with a blog that was uploading there their EPs to download for free. There's a total lack of information about this project, not even the names of its members. The only info we have is that some of all its members are also part of Weird Tapes and Memory Tapes. Yes, everything about tapes, but even with their obsession about this cool again format, it has not been until this month that they finally published something in a physical format and, guess what, it's not been a tape. The first release of Memory Cassette is a 500 limited 7 inch with four songs previously given away for free at their website and still available there, so not in it for the money, for sure. The four songs here include my particular favourite one, Asleep at a Party, a beautiful and sad shoegaze song that takes you back to the Slowdive days. But the single is completed with three more upbeat songs, closer to the glory days of Darla, being Surfin' the most likely to be played at a party. Even they say this EP is sold out you can still find copies at Rough Trade London.
And to celebrate this release, more free songs online: A remix EP called Call & Responses with four mixes of two of the songs of this single by the likes of CFCF or their own side project Weird Tapes. You can find all these and more at:

Released 13/07/09

Memory Cassete - Asleep At A Party.mp3


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