Thursday, 9 July 2009


Julie Doiron's been releasing music since the beginning of the 90s, first with Eric's Trip and later as a solo artist. I remember the first Eric's Trip releases, back then in the first Sup Pop glory days, mixing quiet acoustic songs with more noisy indie songs. Then they split and Julie started publishing solo records, mixing acoustic solo efforts with more band based recordings, but mostly sad intimate songs about friendship, love and dancing alone. And this year, after the reunion of Eric's Trip for some live shows, she came back with a new solo album where you can feel the influence of this reunion in the final sound of these recordings but, sadly, with compositions that do not reach the greatness of her previous two albums. In this shared 7 inch, Julie re-records two of those songs, Oh, Heavy Snow and It's Nice To Come Home, in a more direct, raw and stripped down version. On the B-Side, Calm Down, Is Monday, a Canadian band that is nothing else than Fred Squire from Blue Heeler with Julie herself. They have been collaborating for a while in different projects such as the superb Mount Eerie's last album Lost Wisdom or when they tour live as Julie's live band but they play together with this alias when they perform Fred's compositions mainly. Their sound is not so far from Julie's own or Okkervil River's, who also collaborated with Julie before. They are going to release a full album next autumn.

Calm Down, It's Monday - Sweetest May.mp3


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