Monday, 27 July 2009


Since I reviewed the first Mayfair Set single, one of their members, Dee Dee, has signed up to Sub Pop with her main project Dum Dum Girls. And we know what this means: if there's one independent label in the world that still has a lot of prestige after 20 years of life is them, so she will be pretty popular by the time they publish her first album and the single with the same name in a couple of months. Blank Dogs, on his side, has also released his last album, Under and Under, that has also got him more popularity.
Now they come back again with a new EP, this time a six song 12' that takes a step further that mix of 80s pop they established with the first release. And if they keep on doing these beautiful songs together this side project will probably get to be as notorious as both their other projects. Junked!, the opening track is close to K Records and Dark House and Cease to Be sound like a proto-shoegaze demo. And in all these songs we can see how Dee Dee's voice sounds every time more comfortable and Blank Dog's bass lines some of the most imaginative since the British post-punk invasion.

The Mayfair Set - Dark House.mp3


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