Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I Remember buying Passion Pit's Sleepyhead and Solid Gold's Get Over It at the end of last year and thought both singles were really summery to be released in Winter and promised great expectations for the future of both bands, both to publish their first LPs in 2009. First came Solid Gold's Bodies of Water and the disappointment was not huge but the record was more new-romantic revival style than I expected. Then, Passion Pit released their first proper LP, Manners, and I thought that Solid Gold's was not that bad in comparison. And now that is officially summer, Solid Gold release their second single, Bible Thumper, maybe their second best song in the album and a song that should be played in every outdoors disco between Phoenix's Lisztomania and Jack Penate's Tonight's Today. 80s synths, 80s choruses, 80s beats and noughties revival production, and a much better song than anyone from Passion Pit's overrated album. One of these days I should learn not to believe the hype.

Released 13/07/09

Solid Gold - Bible Thumper.mp3


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