Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Low has always been one of these few bands that have never disappointed me with any of the releases back to the day when I discovered them with that hypnotic cover of Transmission in a Joy Division covers record. I was very sad the day I found out Zak Sally had quit Low. This happened just after Alan's public meltdown during The Great Destroyer tour, that has to be canceled just after visiting Barcelona, where everybody could feel the tension that something was not going right. And then Zak disappeared. And only appeared again to create his own publisher, La Mano, and release some of his comics and some of others. And when nobody expected him to come back to the music world the sudden news of a new 7 single under his own name just came weeks after its release by Sub Pop.
I really didn't know what to expect as I'd never heard his voice before and after listening to Why We Hide, I have to say that you should better forget he ever was in Low. This song is kind of a reaction to Low's music or, maybe, if you want to make connections, it could continue at the point where he left the band. Although Low went back to the minimal and slow routines after the noisy and upbeat The Great Destroyer, we could say that Sally continues this noisy way to hand out a raw and grungy song that looks back to the first Sub Pop catalogue. the B side, When I said i Missed You I Just Meant My Aim Was Off (The Quiet Life) it's even more raw and primitive and it's ending looks like another reaction to Low's mysticism, filling in the last seconds with swears and shouts. the album is coming in some weeks.

Released 13/07/09


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