Monday, 27 July 2009


Josh McIntyre, from Pirate/Rock duo, posted one afternoon a link with some new songs he had done solo in the Gorilla vs Bear blog and was amazed when he got home that night and found out he had 800 plays and offers from record labels. This after less than a day of life of his myspace profile. And some weeks after the existence of his solo project, Little Girls, it had already eclipsed his main band. Two EPs later, Thrills (already sold out) and Tambourine, he released a 7" single on the omnipresent Blank Dogs label Capture Tracks, and the myth is already bigger. The delayed released, due to pressing problems, just got me home last week and consists of two songs close to the sound he's been following in his previous material; shoegaze punk-surf with hard to understand lyrics, if there are any, that melt in the background of those playful guitars and rhythms. Simple and infective.

http:Little Girls - Youth Tunes.mp3


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this song download, I have been looking everywhere for a proper mp3 download! Awesome Song :) cheers

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