Saturday, 11 July 2009


This 10 inch is the first official Girls release in the UK, even the main track was first published last year as a 7 inch single in the USA and it's been sold out for ages. Since its first release they have been getting more and more popular thanks to the internet blogging effect and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart recommendation in every single interview they've offered for the last 7 months. They've also toured Europe and played popular festivals all around. Everything with just two really limited sold out singles that have never been available in Europe. This is the power of the media and internet these days. Two good singles, some good words, and you are the next big thing. And to celebrate it, Girls release this song again, one of their best, with a new B-side, the expendable Solitude. They still have not recorded their first record yet, or at least that's what they said to a friend of mine after one of their London gigs, but they have plenty of songs to do it so judging for what you can hear in their concerts. The only doubt is if they are going to be up to the expectations.

Released 06/08/09

Girls - Hellhole Ratrace.mp3


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