Monday, 17 August 2009


I discovered Cheval Sombre a while ago and had this single downloaded for some time but never tried to find the physical release, not sure why, until the other day, listening to his first album that was published three months ago, decided to look for it and found a copy to my surprise. As he's coming to London for a short tour next month I wanted to review this single even it was published at the end of last year.
This was Cheval Sombre's third single, and the last before releasing his first album. Comparisons to Sonic Boom or Galaxy 500 have been mentioned in most of the reviews people have made and it's not strange taking into account that he's a friend of Dean and Sonic Boom is the one responsible of the production of most part of his material. I Found It Not So, the title track here that is also included in the album, is a sad song with a pseudo-acoustic sound and a minimal production with electronic sound effects while the B side, the Supremes' cover Where Did Our Love Go, takes the Motown sound closer to Spacemen 3's Big City, one of the first Sonic Boom'sBold compositions to drop the fuzzy guitars in favor of electronic arrangements. You can also purchase his first album on vinyl.

Cheval Sombre - I Found It Not So.mp3


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