Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Not long ago I posted about Memory Cassette, a collective that changes the name and some members when they mutate into other parallel projects like Memory Tapes or Weird Tapes. Today is the turn of Memory Tapes as we are celebrating the release of their first proper single, the 12 inch Bicycle. This project doesn't differ a lot from Memory Cassette although it is a bit more dance oriented. This track is an advance of next week's release, exclusively to Rough Trade, of their first proper album called Seek Magic, a double CD that will be soon published as a single LP by Acephale.
The song is a summery indie-dance anthem that reminds of those indie-dance tracks from the beginning of the 90s combined with guitar tunes close to The Cure and New Order. The B side is an instrumental remix by The Horrors that doesn't contribute to anything new but isn't bad as a complementary B side.
Another summer song to dance by the beach, and this year we have a lot of those!

Released 10/08/09

Memory Tapes - Bicycle.mp3


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