Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Some things have changed for Kurt Vile since I published a generic post about him some months ago. He's becoming more popular with his non-stop touring and he's signed to Matador and will publish a new album in a couple of months that will probably increase even more his popularity. This new record will include members of The Violators so I would expect a similar production and style to his Hunchback EP. I rather prefer the more intimate and under produced stuff of his record Constant Hitmaker, but we better wait and see when it sees the light. Meanwhile, while we wait, he's released a 7" single of old homemade songs called Fall Demons of a limited edition of just 375 through Skulltones. I managed to get a copy some days ago so maybe you are still on time to get yours. The single contains 5 songs, three of them instrumental, recorded between 2002 and 2008 and maybe it will be the last time we can listen to unreleased stuff with that lo-fi sound that has been his trademark until now.

Kurt Vile - Subliminal Message.mp3


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