Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Back in November I was pretty impressed with the release of a double A side single by a new band (new as it was their first release although they've been playing together since 2003) called The Rayographs. Both songs were really good and they sounded like nothing else at the moment in Britain. Even one can think about some other girl bands that are currently becoming popular in the USA this would be the easy comparison. Their spirit is closer to blues and experimentation than it is to 60s girl bands or pop-punk as, to mention one band, Vivian Girls, so these comparisons that I've already heard about are only based in the fact they are women making rock and it would never happen if they were men. Although the comparisons to early PJ Harvey or Siouxsie (the B side here, Yellow Hair, takes me back to Pure, the first track on her first album with the Banshees but also the bluesy tension of Dry, PJ's first record) if you want to mention two women that may have influenced them. Francis, the A side, starts with a slow and quiet guitar to transform into a fuzzy and noisy track and the B side should never be just relegated to disappear as an extra track as it is as good or even better than the main track. The single is a limited to 500 vinyl published by a new label called Everyone We Know that also published the first single still available and also highly recommended. They will play in London in many places during September so looking forward to catch them at some point.

Released 20/07/09


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