Tuesday, 25 August 2009


We have been living for a long time in a world where everything expires faster than it used to do. Time is one of the most valuable things; we don't have time to lose, we prefer the flashing image to the detailed reflection. Javelin are an example of this notion: if you can say something in some seconds there's no point in dragging it out. While we are still waiting for the long, long, long delayed new Avalanches album, Javelin, a duo from New York, have been creating some prototypes, sketches, outlines and, sometimes, even songs that steal the sun from the sky to put it in their melodies. Through samples and real instruments they practice any style on earth in their self-edited first album, Jamz n Jemz, only available as a CDR on tour or through their myspace and as download: Soul, electro, funk, ambient, hip hop and so on in 25 tracks (I wouldn't call songs to some of them as not many last more than 2 minutes). the general sensation is that this is a collection of sketches of songs they are working on but it's not; if they think that something sounds right in just some seconds they leave it like that and move to another one, which extrangely work so well to make it extremely dynamic and impossible to make the listener get bored. They are planning to release a couple of 12" EPs in Thrill Jockey so not sure if they are going to continue with the same dynamic or be influenced by the long length songs this label normally releases.

Javelin - Lindsay Brohan.mp3

Javelin - Tu Machina.mp3


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