Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Gold Panda has a short history of remixes for the likes of Little Boots and Bloc Party but it's not been until last month when he released his first proper debut with the Miyamae EP in the newly open to other artists Various Production label. That EP was full of dub and minimal techno beats but more focused to the bedroom than rather to the dancefloor. Even that he is from Essex, he's spent some time in Tokio before releasing these songs and the influence of Asian sounds is obvious in some tracks such as Back Home where he samples some traditional Japanese instruments. But my surprise has come with this short length single published just yesterday. Quitters Raga, out as a limited to 500 single on Makemine (Fryars, Dent May), is like a puzzle of beats and Japanese chants squeezed, transformed, destroyed and manipulated until he gets an amazing new thing that sounds like a Japanese Aphex Twin and that you will have on repeat for a long time. The B side, less surprising, is a relaxed dubstep lullaby called Fifth Ave that is beautiful to hear but one cannot avoid but wish it had more to do with the main track. We are waiting for future releases.

Released 03/08/09

Gold Panda - Quitters Raga.mp3


Anonymous said...

It's not japanese at all. It's indian- hence the "raga". Also, the sample is sitar and tabla. It's Indian Classical, not "japanese chants"

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