Wednesday, 12 August 2009


This is already my third post about The XX. I discovered them when a guy at Rough Trade West was listening to their demo, I was impressed with the originality of their sound and have been following them since then. This is their second single, again with Young Turks, and the last anticipation of the album to be released next week which I have already heard and I highly recommend. It's been a surprise that they chose this track as a single instead of other more instant songs as VCR or Islands or the exclusion of Blood Red Moon, appearing here as the B side in the original demo version, from the album. But it is also a great track and one of their most soulful. If you still haven't listen to them imagine how an RnB song would be delivered by a group of depressed teenagers with a minimal production and you can have the idea. Or you can just listen to the track and buy the record, of course. It has also been released as a 12 inch including remixes of the likes of Pariah or Diskjokke. They are currently playing some dates in New York and coming back to tour the UK and Europe.

Released 10/08/09

The XX - Basic Space.mp3


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