Monday, 3 August 2009


Many things have been written about Crocodiles during the last months, most of them really good or really bad, not many things just in between. And most of the bad things are due to just one thing: they really sound, and when I say really I mean it, like The Jesus and Mary Chain. and not only they sound like them but, they also have a lot of similarity in their lyrics and they can of look a bit like them. When we received the Neon Jesus single, it was kind of obvious. The song was good but it sound like a lost song from Automatic. And then, the album came back in May and it had mixed reviews but all of them always mentioning the Reed brothers. I've been a fan of JAMC since I was 14 so I kind of liked it but flashed from time to time with some of the songs when it got too obvious. And most of the bad reviews they all mentioned one thing: the ripped off that I Wanna Kill was. At the beginning you can even sing along Head On at the same time without forcing yourself to place the lyrics any different.

And now, to make these people even talk more about it they released it as a single today.I just played it again on my turntable for the first time in a while to check if it was just in my head but I flashed again. Yes, the song is good but it owes too much to JAMC they should be mentioned in the credits.

The B side, Here Comes the Sky, is a shoegaze lullaby that goes in another direction, as they also do with some other good songs in the album such as the title track. They prove this way they can do other stuff that, although it doesn't sound any new, cannot be blamed of plagiarism. Judge yourself.

Released 03/08/09

Crocodiles - I Wanna Kill.mp3


Jeff said...

The only song on 'Summer of Hate' that really sounds like JAMC to my ears is "I Wanna Kill," but stuff like "Flashing Light" or the title track are a different story. Good band though.

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