Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The Band In Heaven are a 5-piece from Florida, but their music is far from being sunny and tropical. They are more into fuzz shoegaze guitars and spacey and dark sounds. They still don't have a physical release, although if we check their bandcamp page, they say they have a cassettesingle from last year, although not sure if it ever was released like that. Now, they uploaded a bunch of demos compiled in a free-to-download EP that you can get here. They say they are demos, but the sound is much better that many releases out these days. The 6 songs here, including a dirty cover of Cranberries's Dreams, are made to be put beside your records of Spacemen 3, Loop, JAMC and so on, and the quality of the songs tells me it won't be long until we see a record of them somewhere.

The Band in Heaven - Tunnel into Your Dreams (demo).mp3


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