Thursday, 22 July 2010


Tags. Bands normally hate to be tagged but consumers always like them in order to know if those seconds they can be checking a band on-line are worth to be spent or they would rather check for porn meanwhile. It's a good way of presentation of a band, the same with comparisons, and the key for us to decide before listening to the band if we can actually like them or not. I would never lose my time if I see a band review saying they play Heavy Metal, AOR, Ska or Ethiopian Reaggeton, let's say.
The problem starts when a tag actually says little about how a band can sound. This happens with Indie or Electronica, for example, that are too general to preconceive an idea of how a band will sound. As well, when a tag becomes as popular as, let's say, Chillwave, and many artist with nothing in common are put in the same sack, that tag loses its meaning and its no longer a reference.
Something like this happen with Twee-Pop many years ago when bands like Beat Happening and all the Sarah Records catalogue were categorized under that quite annoying name and it was difficult to separate the gold from the tin. Betty and the Werewolves' reviews are commonly put under this tag and, all right, they can sound a bit twee but they also have some moments of fury. What they have for sure is good pop songs that are timeless and universal like their last single, Paper Thin, a song you'll love if you were into Heavenly, that's been put out quite at the same time as their first album Teatime Favourite that juxtaposes candid pop moments with more punkish songs. The single, out on Damaged Goods, comes with two live tracks.

Betty and the Werewolves - Paper Thin.mp3


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