Tuesday, 20 July 2010


It's incredible how we can get influenced by the seasons in our daily lifes, from our outdoor activities, the clothes and colours we use or even the music we listen to. When Summer arrives we always tend to listen to warmer sounds while in winter we go back to darker stuff, or at least, and this year even more, this is what happens to me and to proof it you just have to check my last posts. So well, here we have another example.
Family Trees is a Brooklyn trio formed by Ryan, Joe and Amanda who perform warm Summery 60s pop songs with emphasis in the vocal harmonies. They are the first of Father/Daughter Records, label that I mentioned in a previous post when talking about their 2nd release to come out in August, by Toothache.
The three songs on the single are timeless songs with a love for the Beach Boys or other current bands like Eternal Summers or Reading Rainbow, who they are actually going to tour with in August.
They also have a video for one of the B sides, No One Will Ever Know, that you can watch here.

Family Trees - Dream Talkin.mp3


Mikiwii said...

¡Pero si hasta tus canciones veraniegas tienen ese fondillo triste y poperillo que tanto te gusta ocultar! ;-) Un bico

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