Tuesday, 20 July 2010


The people from Planting Seeds Records have kindly sent me a copy of the new Young Sinclairs EP, released just Today. I found out about them through Eternal Summers (they share a member) and realised just after, that actually, they have already existed for 5 years, having released some CDRs, EPs and cassettes. But this Summer looks like it's already the time for The Young Sinclairs to make it bigger as, apart from this 7", they are putting out a new album called Chimeys, re-releasing O Bummer on tape and a compilation of old songs for Kindercore Records called simply Songs Of The Young Sinclairs.
This limited single contains two songs per side (We Spoke Our Minds, You Can Have Her, Girl I'm For Real and Have A Home), but you can also get the digital version with two extra tracks. As they describe on the release page, the Young Sinclairs are "heavily influenced by the sonic landscape of the 60s with shimmering guitars, sweepingly melodic vocals, and slices of timeless pop-nuggets". You'll love them if you like The Birds, The Zombies or just happen to be enjoying the Summer in a warm area.
You can get it here

The Young Sinclairs - Girl Im For Real.mp3


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