Monday, 26 July 2010


Deerhunter are back with a new single and also a new album in a couple of months. After the well commented leak online of their previous album Microcastle this time they opted to make it themselves and give for free the first single out from Halcyon Digest, Revival (not sure if it also will have a physical release although it even has cover artwork) including a non-album B side, Primitive 3D. The way they've done it is through their website but, initially, you could only access to the free download if you were one of the fans who contributed on printing and hanging out posters publicising their new album. Those fans received a code (that was spread online quickly) and were able to download the two tracks from the single and a couple of demos as well.
The two songs on the single are quite close to what we heard on Microcastle or even more pop and accessible. Can't wait for the new album.

Deerhunter - Revival.mp3

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I was really close to fill your comment section with all kinds of dirty words I won't mention here, but then I realized I was confusing DEERHUNTER with californian band DEERHOOF... Ever heard their music? If you have, then I bet you will sympathize with my reaction.
Would have been good to add a whole album! But that is asking too much.

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