Wednesday, 21 July 2010


You'd have probably heard of this release so far as I'm a bit late to talk about it and it's been all over the place (It's been mentioned in most of the A-list blogs and featured on the Rising artist section of Pitchfork). Anyway, Yesterday saw the release of this beautiful and mysterious single by one-man-band How To Dress Well that, if my information is right, is the first one to appear on vinyl format after 7 virtual EPs online available here and as interesting and transcendental as this single itself. The single was out on Lefse Records and you can get it here. As many articles describe his music so far, HTDW is a (im)possible mixture of Bon Iver, Burial, Justin TimberlaBoldke and Washed Out, as strange and this can sound,and if you pay attention you can actually find elements of these bands and many more styles and influences blend together until he reaches a personal and imaginative discourse. Ready For the World has already been mixed by many people (Twins, Bandjo) and on the B side of this single We can find one of these, the Twin Sister floaty and playful interpretation of the A side.
In other news, he's soon releasing another single for, of course, Transparent that I'll review as soon as We have more information.

How To Dress Well - Ready for the World.mp3


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