Friday, 24 April 2009


After some posts talking about difficult American bands I needed a more friendly well-recorded British band and this week's been the release of The Big Pink's second single after Too Young Too Love, one of my favourite songs of last year. They continue to explore sounds of the late 80s first 90s with their JAMC / MBV noise pop with synths and they moved from Gay sex (check the 12" Japanese only version of the first single) to Female nudity in the cover. But this is not the only change they've done as they've also moved from Merok, the label that owns one of the members of this duo, to 4AD, maybe the most mainstream you can go with an independent label.
Velvet, mixed by Alan Moulder, is an obvious hit destined to be popular even more after the unexpected support the music version of The Sun that is NME gave them the next big thing award in their last ceremony (other awards were for Oasis, Bloc Party or Paul Weller which makes it even more unbelievable). The b-side, Introduction to Awareness, is less immediate but not less interesting. They started touring Europe and Japan playing some shows with The XX and have recorded their first album provisionally called Models Can't Fuck.

Released 20/04/09

The Big Pink - Velvet.mp3


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